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How to know if your old vintage is still drinkable

Current corking technologies are more sophisticated and allow better conservation of the wine. But among the oldest vintages, some may have sometimes been corked by hand or stored in inadequate conditions and then show signs of deterioration.

How to know if you can still drink it ?

1) Check the storage conditions. Ideally, the bottle should have been stored in a wine cellar. If so, you can probably consume it. If it has been left in a place with temperature variations, exposed to high temperatures or an environment that is too dry, the wine may have been spoiled.

2) Check the level of the wine in the bottle:  it must not have come down below the shoulders of the bottle.
3) Check that the cork is not raised upwards. The metal cap would then also be rounded upwards, pushed by the cork.

If these last two points are respected, you can probably consume your wine.

If in doubt, you can just taste it !

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